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  1. Wellness

    Hangzhou community hosts international health center - Wellness in China

    Hangzhou community hosts international health center

    Operating under a new cooperative model, the Qianyun Community is now home to a grassroots medical center.
    Iconic hotel weathering COVID-19 pandemic - Wellness in China

    Iconic hotel weathering COVID-19 pandemic

    Landmark in the heart of Lujiazui seeing a steady recovery in business as it shifts toward satisfying domestic demand and focusing on safety and sustainability.
    Surgeon sets his sights on keeping body 'lamps' lit - Wellness in China

    Surgeon sets his sights on keeping body 'lamps' lit

    The Bible says: "The eye is the lamp of the body." Ophthalmologist Li Wensheng's job is to keep the lamp lit for people who are at risk of losing their sight.
    Orthodontic treatment can improve bite and smile - Wellness in China

    Orthodontic treatment can improve bite and smile

    The aim of orthodontic treatment is to provide a person with a healthy, functional bite and also an impressive smile.
    Pit and fissure sealant can prevent tooth decay - Wellness in China

    Pit and fissure sealant can prevent tooth decay

    Pit and fissure sealant have significant preventive effects on carious teeth.?
    Fluoride application recommended for youngsters - Wellness in China

    Fluoride application recommended for youngsters

    Fluoride application is a safe and effective way to prevent tooth decay among preschoolers with baby teeth.?
    Dental implants to deal with a lost tooth - Wellness in China

    Dental implants to deal with a lost tooth

    To deal with tooth loss, dental implants can be an effective long-term solution.?
    Healthy teeth require regular dental cleaning - Wellness in China

    Healthy teeth require regular dental cleaning

    Teeth cleaning removes dental calculus and prevents periodontal disease and bad breath.?
    The best of two medical worlds aids patient treatment and recovery - Wellness in China

    The best of two medical worlds aids patient treatment and recovery

    Doctors at a Shanghai hospital combine acupuncture and anesthesia for surgical procedures, gaining the benefits of both methods.
    Hangzhou wins award for 'five water' project - Wellness in China

    Hangzhou wins award for 'five water' project

    City became the first in Zhejiang?Province to apply sewage treatment facilities in all its rural areas in 2016 and plans to complete an improvement program by the end of this year.

    Educator: International study still remains vital Designers give green light to sustainable fashion Calling the cavalry: COVID-19 and the mental health crisis Add some weight with pork belly Festival drops anchor at city's cruise terminal Visitors flock to Qiantang River night cruise Persimmon festival brings glorious color Shanghai's cultural heritage through the eyes of shifu Holiday fun on city residents' doorsteps Grasping ancient culture: It's fun and easy! German artist's symphony of 'Light, Color and Hope' Your next cup of coffee should be Yunnan How to savor authentic Singapore cuisine Drama series shot in arms of fantasy genre Shanghai, we need to talk about being MENTAL Education adapts itself in the time of COVID-19 There's something special about Gong Yili New hotels focus on creativity, wellness and refreshment Ventoux brings the bacon home Versatile veteran actor sows a new generation of fans Children's authors putting minds at rest Contemporary art collection to premiere in Suzhou Plenty of fall fun at these indoor amusement parks Suzhou tourism 'goes global' with expat salon Carnival of animal sculptures comes to town Fun and simple books to help enrich your China experience One man's coffee vision in war-torn Yemen Theater Above to stage new production of 'The Village' The perfect season for tranquility and rich flavors The Global Search for Education: What Can Classrooms Learn About Mastering Collaboration from the Real World? The Global Search for Education: Serious Games, Serious Learning Fashion event shows industry's sustainable future No preaching, no plots: dances that stoke our emotions Cooking dried produce a science Chinese travel writer's tribute to 'Ulysses' What's on in September in Songjiang District Rare exhibit of Munch's art a real scream New books published to "simplify" China for foreigners Cave raiders: Thai archaeologists hunt ancient artwork Classical garden celebrates the arrival of autumn Small screens packed with holiday programming Fashion news from Falconeri, Shanghai Village and Prada Nothing like the taste of fresh corn The Global Search for Education: How is game-based learning helping teachers during the pandemic? International schools prepare for new challenge Somms sway city dining scene Young people adding vitality as they head back home Tan Dun to take audience on innovative musical odyssey Take a trip to silkscreen printing center 100 characters from Kouga Hirano Veteran artist shows six decades of work
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